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5 Tips For A Perfect Coffee From Your Nespresso Machine

  • October 27, 2019

You wake up in the morning, feeling slightly groggy, and make a bee-line for your Nespresso® machine for a delicious caffeine boost to start your day.

You take your first sip… but it’s not good. Disappointment sets in, why doesn’t it always taste great?!

The reason why your drinks aren’t always perfect is usually related to the maintenance and proper usage of your machine.

So we’ve put together our top 5 tips to ensure that when you press that brew button, you get a perfect drink every single time.

Tip 1 :Use the correct volume of water in your Espresso Shot

The amount of liquid poured by your machine will affect how your coffee tastes.

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You should ONLY put through 40ML of water in an espresso coffee shot, that’s only slightly over two and a half tablespoons, about the size of a shot.

That’s it, no more!

Now you might be thinking, “I don’t want a short shot, I drink long black s I want a full cup of coffee” – don’t worry that’s easy.

First, you pour your 40ML shot. Then fill up the rest of your cup to the desired level with hot water only.

You do this by ejecting the capsule and pressing the button again with no capsule inside it.

That’s the way barista’s do it start with an Espresso shot of 40mls and top up with hot water don’t keep forcing extra water through the coffee beans as that will just spoil the taste as you will pick up a bitterness from forcing water through beans that have already had the delicious  flavour and coffee oils extracted during the first 40mls of the extraction.

Tip 2 :Prime your machine before use

Before you brew your desired drink, prime your Nespresso® machine by simply brewing water through it.

This has several benefits, it will:

– Clean your machine

– Get your machine hot

– Warm your glass/cup

This will make your desired drink taste even better.

And don’t keep old water in your machine for too long, refill it at least once per day.

Tip 3 :Descale your machine regularly

You should descale your machine every 1-3 months, or sooner if the flavour starts to taste off or you’re not getting as much heat.

Tip 4 :Clean your machine after each use

After each use of your machine run water through your machine by pressing the brew vbutton again with no capsule in place this will ensure that you don’t leave oils, stagnant water and left over grounds in your machine that will negatively affect the taste of your brew.

Tip 5 : Don’t scrimp on the capsule or the Coffee

There is a reason that raw coffee beans vary enormously in price and, like most things, good coffee costs more.

Similarly cheap and cheerful coffee capsules often don’t produce good tasting coffee and in some cases may actually damage your machine.

Must Espresso Italiano has created a range of 100% biodegradable coffee Capsules that are filled with some of the worlds finest coffees.

Single Origin Blends from Colombia, Peru and Kenya as well as 2 fully certified organic blends Supremo and Harmony.

The state of the art capsules they use are the result of many millions of dollars of research. They are fully compostable  ie after use you can just throw the entire capsule into compost and each part will break down naturally without harming the environment.

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