Could this be the end of the Nespresso® pod era?

  • November 3, 2017

Have you tried Nespresso alternative pods and been left disappointed? Maybe they tasted bitter? Or they were not compatible with your machine?

So have we, and it was so frustrating. How hard can it be to put premium coffee in a pod that works perfectly in your Nespresso machine?

Well, as it turns out… it’s quite hard. As we discovered when we went on a quest to find the world’s best Nespresso compatible coffee pod.

We started out trying all the local brands here in Australia and were left feeling underwhelmed.

So we took our journey further and ended up at the international home of coffee, Italy.

It was there where we visited a small town called Fano, in the Marche region of Italy, and met three friends with a passion for coffee that I’ve never seen before.

Their names were Leonardo, Mattia and Marco and they had been supplying the local beach side bars with their Artisan roasted small-batch coffee.

Starting with the finest beans they would use toasting cycles and blending techniques that had been passed down through the generations by Artisans.

And now, since Nespresso were forced to open their machines to rival coffee makers by the French courts, the three ambitious friends had decided to do the impossible.

They wanted to take on the 3 billion dollar giant and produce their luxury Italian coffee in pods that are 100% compatible with your average Nespresso machine.

Their coffee was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted from a capsule before. It was like having a coffee shop drink from a top notch barista, but it came from a regular Nespresso machine!

It was then that I realised I HAD to bring this coffee back to my home country of Australia.

That was a few years ago. Fast forward to today and that little Italian company is now called Must Espresso Italiano.

They are now the fastest growing alternative capsule company in the world!

Since we’ve been selling them online here at Coffee Pod Shop the response has been unbelievable!

We now have thousands of regular customers and over 700 Five star reviews from fans who love the taste, price and convenience of ordering online.

Those customers have helped us to become the #1 rated compatible capsules in Australia. Something I’m immensely proud of, and still have to pinch myself to believe!

I’m delighted to be helping Australian Nespresso drinkers like you finally discover a REAL alternative to Nespresso.

One that has a premium taste, but without the premium price tag.

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