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As Australians, we love our Nespresso machines. But we also have a thriving coffee culture and demand the best, that’s why Starbucks never made it big over here.

We deserve more quality, value for money, and choice from our Nespresso machines – and now, we can finally have it.


One of my favourite things to do it sit outside a local coffee shop and suck in the atmosphere over a delicious caffeinated drink.

But whenever I returned home to Australia, I was left underwhelmed with the homogenized coffee I had available to me for my Nespresso machine.

One day some Italian friends, knowing I was a coffee aficionado, sent me a package containing coffee pods for my Nespresso machine that blew me away.

They tasted like nothing else I’ve tried before and transported me back to sitting in a quaint Italian coffee shop.

I contacted the company behind the pods, Must Espresso Italiano, to ask how I could get more. But the cost of sending just a few hundred pods was extortionate and not viable.

I would have to order at least 5,000 to make it equal to the cost of my standard Nespresso pods. So, I did what any true coffee lover would do…

Invited all my friends around to try the coffee and then took their orders! I didn’t know it then, but this was the birth of my future business, Coffee Pod Shop

This business now has thousands of happy customers and we have more 5 star reviews (over 950!) than any other coffee pod supplier I know of. Reviews like these…

I believe our success is down to our commitment to quality, convenience and value for money.


I believe Must Espresso Italiano pods are the best quality pods in the world (and I’ve tried hundreds of different pods). They carefully choose their beans and then lovingly roast them in small batches using traditional artisan techniques for a flavour unlike any pod you’ve tried before.


It’s not easy to get Nespresso pods in Australia, you have to either travel a long distance to an outlet, have them delivered in quantities of 200+, or settle for sub-par alternatives at local supermarkets.

With us, you can order online in just a few clicks and have them delivered to your home fast and free on orders as little as $29.95.

Perfect Nespresso Every Time


Our premium pods don’t have the premium price tag, thanks to the fact we sell exclusively online. They start at just 54c a pod and we often run promotions for our customers where you can get them for even less. You won’t find a better quality pod for less.


If you don’t want to settle for standard anymore, commit to trying one of our Must Espresso Italiano variety selections today. You can choose either a 50 pod or 100 pod selection to get started

Must Espresso Selection Pack For Nespresso Machines


– 5 delicious, authentic Italian blends (Ristretto, Pure Arabica, Cremoso, Napoli & Lungo

– Fast and free delivery to your home

– Personal service from a company that cares about its customers

– 100% compatible money-back guarantee

– Welcomed into our fast-growing coffee community

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