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Each descaling kit includes four sachets (25g each) they are compatible with all domestic Espresso machines.

These sachets will help ensure your machine doesn’t build up limescale which can affect the taste of your drink.

You should descale your machine every 1-3 months, or sooner if the flavour starts to taste off or you’re not getting as much heat.

How to use:

  1. Turn on your machine
  2. Empty your machine & drip tray
  3. Place a large container under your outlet
  4. Pour water, mixed with descaling solution into your machine
  5. Start descaling mode on your machine (check your product manual for specific instructions for your machine)
  6. Once the flow is finished, refill the water tank with the used solution
  7. Let all of the descaling solution pour through the machine again
  8. Empty and clean out your water tank
  9. Refill with fresh water, and run through your machine
  10. Clear out your drip tray
  11. Disable descaling mode on your machine
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